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The Tree Guy LLC (certified tree care business) is dedicated to the care and upkeep of trees in all elements of your home and business. We concentrate on all elements of tree care consisting of tree planting, tree care details & services, tree removal & stump removal, tree upkeep (care & prune), and more. Our group is comprised of licensed and highly competent specialists that possess the knowledge and experience essential to perform tree services effectively and effectively.

We offer tree cutting and tree-removal services to both apartment and townhouse communities in Pittsboro, Chatham County. We can make sure that your residential or commercial property's appearance is inspired by just nature and that all of the surrounding plants and trees receive the attention they require to flourish.

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tree removal
The tree will be gone within a few minutes and the debris that was left behind is gone.

Our tree specialists are certified to take away and remove all dangerous branches and limbs around your home in the event of an emergency. Our tree experts are certified experts with years of experience in tree removal. The following is a listing of the most frequently asked concerns we receive about tree services:

Tree Removal u0026 Tree Services

Tree removal specialists are certified and trained to remove the branches of trees that are that are on your property. It is done safely, without damaging power lines or homes nearby. Contact us today for a consultation to have our insured and highly trained tree technicians remove your tree quickly and efficiently. We'll give you no-cost estimates so that you know how much assistance you need.

Tree Trimming in Pittsboro, Chatham County

At The Tree Guy LLC we provide the most recent solutions and methods for all those trimming needs. We specialize in all aspects of tree upkeep from street tree trimming to custom-made cutting of industrial wood. We offer a large choice of pruning Tools and expertise to meet all of your tree care needs. Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC is home to a few of the most educated tree care professionals in the area. If you have a particular concern about tree cutting in Pittsboro, Chatham County or need help choosing the best tree trimming business for your requirements, give us a call!

Tree Stump Removal In Pittsboro, Chatham County, North Carolina

Trusted Tree Service & Tree Removal Company

Trees can make the backyard of a homeowner appear dull. The Tree Guy LLC Tree Experts are able to help to remove unwanted trees. We offer expert tree removal and stump grinding services in Pittsboro, Chatham County. By contacting The Tree Guy LLC our team can get rid of trees that could pose a threat to your home or business. We'll not just prune and trim realistic looking trees for our clients, but we'll take on dangerous trees that could be a threat to your safety.


The Tree Guy LLC is a tree service firm that provides full-services that serves the entire Pittsboro, Chatham County region. Since 1996, the company is locally owned. We offer residential tree removal, trimming tree trimming, tree care and other services to assist homeowners with their property maintenance requirements. We are experts in the removal of trees from your property in order to keep your property tidy and green. Our company is dedicated to becoming a pioneer in the tree care industry through providing cutting-edge solutions and products that provide a boost to the communities we serve. It doesn't matter whether you're dealing with a massive or minor tree removal project We are prepared to respond when you require us!

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The Secure, Easy Way to Take Care of Your Trees

A tree service professional can be found in a person who cares about your property and can provide the best possible service. We can provide all aspects of tree care including tree removal, tree trimming cutting, pruning, and stump removal. Your work is critical to the comfort of our customers and we are grateful for your assistance in making our neighborhoods healthier. We are a company that is based on the principles of dedication, hard work and respect, we're dedicated to providing our clients with honest information that will assist them in making an informed choice when deciding on a different company for their tree-care needs.


The Tree Guy LLC offers a variety of tree care services, including tree removal, tree pruning and fertilization of trees. We strive to provide the best equipment and services for homeowners who want to take care of and expand their trees. To assist you in eliminating unhealthy or unneeded trees from your property, our tree professionals employ high-tech equipment as well as highly-trained employees. Our tree fertilization experts use advanced technology to help increase tree growth and to ensure the longevity of your trees in order to improve the quality of life around them. For more details, contact us today!

More than simply a tree service

The Tree Guy LLC is an owned and operated by a family of the The Tree Guy LLC funeral home in Pittsboro, Chatham County. Our staff of highly experienced professionals is committed to providing the best level of service and high-quality burial services. We excel at providing both traditional funeral services, as well as peaceful rest/ceremonies for the entire funeral process. We provide comfort for your familymembers, regardless of whether you're organizing an open casket funeral or private burial.



Make sure your trees are well-maintained to enhance the look of your house

Making sure your trees are healthy is one of those simple factors that can make all the difference to the yard. As homeowner, must be capable of taking care of your trees and keep them looking good. Many homeowners don't know the importance of trees until they witness them being spray-painted with appreciation or are removed. It's a good opportunity to educate yourself about the care of your trees, and to make the most appropriate choice for your family.


Trees are good for our health and must be protected. However, it's difficult to take care of the trees yourself. There are a variety of tree care services in the Pittsboro, Chatham County region who can assist. You can seek help from both local and professional services.

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