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Whether you have a big plantation or a small building, we can assist you create a climate that is pleased and healthy. We have 9 years experience in tree removal and fast tree replacement, and have actually taken our understanding of the industry to the next level by leading the industry in tree health tracking, detecting and dealing with tree diseases, carrying out tree fertilisation and water management systems, keeping track of safety and air quality in our plantations.

Whether our tree-sitting service is providing a tree trimmer to a property owner who has actually chosen that he no longer needs the old one, or preparing a large tree for display in the waiting area of a regional bank, our objective is constantly to provide you with the finest service at an affordable price. Working together with our team of well-informed and friendly specialists you can rest ensured understanding that all of your issues will be attended to and taken care of with regard to security, wellness and health, tree maintenance, care of bushes and tree care and so on.

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Tree oil is typically sprayed at night and early in the morning to improve the air quality and safeguard trees. We carry a range of products and equipment to take care of large areas. This includes driveways as well as residential streets. When you come across us, whether on your shift cleaning or by appointment, you'll rest certain that we take care of the quality of our skies and take our responsibilities seriously.

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Our tree removal technicians are skilled and prepared to take down all branches of mature trees on your property in the most efficient way without causing injury to power lines or the homes of neighbors. Our tree removal professionals are experienced and certified. We'll remove your tree quickly and efficiently. We'll provide you with a no-cost estimate so you can determine how much assistance you need.

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Tree cutting is a necessary part of keeping your trees healthy and in shape. Orange County Tree Trimmer has actually been assisting individuals and organizations in Orange County, North Carolina eliminate harmful and dangerous products from their tree, plant, or shrub so that its beauty and worth can continue to shine through for generations to come.

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For homeowners, having a tree in your yard can be an eyesore. The Tree Guy LLC Tree Experts are able to help you get rid of unwanted trees. Professional tree removal and stump grinding are available in Orange County. The Tree Guy LLC will assist you in getting rid of any trees that are growing within your vicinity. Not only will we prune and trim realistic-looking trees for you, but we'll also deal with dangerous ones that could threaten your safety.


Our company was created in the year 2010 by local landscape architects. In 2009, we began the process of caring for and planting trees. Since the first time we planted the company has grown in a steady manner, allowing us to construct our own home office as well as transport equipment to customer locations. We widened our service to cover all land uses subject to the control of Orange County in 2014, which included streets, parks and cemeteries. Our aim is to restore your trees in their lush, healthy development, to ensure the beauty of your trees for many more years to come.

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Our services are utilized by thousands of clients from commercial and residential customers, to remove tree limbs and clear debris from their driveways, patios and pathways. We have earned a reputation over the years for providing skilled tree care as well as thorough cleanup. Our knowledgeable staff has the knowledge and skills to remove all hazardous material safely, ensuring your safety as well as the safety of your guests and your family. During this difficult winter season, our tree service specialists are prepared to restore your property to view within the shortest amount of time by offering


Have you ever thought about how to find the best tree service company for your home? You don't have to worry as we've done extensive research on all of the top tree services to give you all the information about how to select the best company to keep your trees in good health and happy. At The Tree Guy LLC we place a lot of emphasis on professionalism in service, quality for price and customer satisfaction. We're here to help you find the right firm and ensure you are getting the best quality service from local companies. Contact us now to learn how we've become so successful.

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Your trees need a roof over their heads and clothes to wear and somewhere to stay while you work from home. The Tree Guy LLC was established in the year 1996 in order to provide expert services to customers throughout the State of NC. We will help you get your goals, whether you need an alternative to a contractor, or extensive tree services.



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Did you have the knowledge that trimming your trees will help to keep them healthy? The trimming of trees can ensure your trees are healthy and decrease the possibility of a disaster at the tree's foundation. Where do you begin? What are the indicators to tell whether your tree needs trimming? There are numerous factors to take into account, and not all tree maintenance experts are alike. It isn't easy to determine which one is best for your tree. With that in mind I've put together my top 6 suggestions to help you determine whether your tree needs trimming.


The protection of our trees is an essential element of the community and can bring many benefits to residents. There are some trees that could be a threat to your safety or health especially if they're unsafe or are in danger of falling. Contact +1570-394-7474 if you are concerned about trees that may fall or pose a danger to your security.

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