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We are a household owned and founded service that has actually offered tree services in Greenwood, Orange County for over 25 years. Our name shows our dedication to excellence; our company believe everyone needs to be dealt with the same way is treated by the tree service industry. At Tree Guy NC, you will discover a group of highly trained professionals, who are extremely valued by our clients for their proficiency and professionalism in tree care. As a result, our reputation for providing premium tree services has actually made us an acknowledged leader in the industry given that 2003.

We supply professional Tree Providers in Wolverhampton. By working along with our customers we can assist provide the assurance that just a professional service can supply. Working alongside our team of educated and friendly professionals you can rest assured understanding that all of your concerns will be resolved and taken care of with regard to health, wellbeing and safety, tree upkeep, care of bushes and tree care etc.

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In the case of an emergency, our tree experts will remove any dangerous branches or limbs that are in danger from your home and put them in a safe place. Our team consists of professional licensed with years of experience working on tree removal. Here is a brief list of the most frequent queries we get about tree services:

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Our tree removal experts are skilled and prepared to remove all branches from the mature trees that are on your property efficiently and without risking injury to power lines or adjacent homes. Our tree removal experts are highly experienced and certified. We are able to remove your tree swiftly and effectively. We will give you a free estimate so you know how much support you will need.

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We specialize in all elements of tree maintenance from street tree trimming to custom-made cutting of business wood. If you have a specific concern about tree trimming in Greenwood, Orange County or need help choosing the finest tree cutting business for your needs, give us a call!

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We offer a variety of stump grinding and tree removal services within Greenwood, Orange County, NC. We have helped homeowners keep their homes in good condition over time and eliminate unwanted trees from their properties. Pruning, trimming, and stump removal are just a few of our offerings. We are experts in the removal of dangerous and fallen trees from private properties and also city property. We can also remove trees on municipal property , if it is deemed necessary by the appropriate city official.


We are an integral part of the communities that we serve. As tree service providers , we do our best to provide top-quality customer service , and help keep your trees healthy. We strive to be the most reliable expert in tree care services in the Triad Region. Our team of experts have the knowledge & experience necessary to take care of any tree, no matter how old or young. Our company offers a wide range of services including tree trimming trees, tree removal, inspections, and much more. We aim to provide courteous & professional services that adhere to safety guidelines set by the N.C. Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR).

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Our aim is to help you feel more at home. Each call we make will be answered with top-quality service. We are proud to be informed about trees and how they will grow in your home. Our tree care specialists have the experience and knowledge to deal with different types of trees as well as their requirements. We can assist you with all maintenance that is required at your house from street trees to commercial trees.


You've chosen a tree service to take care of your trees as you are worried about their health and wellbeing. There are many tree care providers in your area. But, only a few companies have the knowledge and expertise to look after your trees in the best way. Tree Guy NC Greenwood, Orange County is proud to ensure that each customer receives the attention and attention they require.

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Do you wonder what makes commercial properties required to pay a special tree service tax? In order to pay the tax, the service has to be performed. It is possible that the cost of the service may be greater than the tax on property. If the tree-services industry is dependent upon its neighborhood and the tax could dissuade customers from seeking services from other companies operating in the same location. Find out how you can qualify for Tree Guy NC



What can you do to remove the tree in your yard? Five methods to feel better

Trees can add value to your property. They are beautiful additions to your property. The Energy Star tree care certification program encourages homeowners to take care of their trees following some basic guidelines that safeguard the wellbeing of your trees and increase their value. There are numerous benefits to having a tree service within your home, such as however, not only:


A lot of people don't have the time or desire to maintain their trees. Your trees will bring joy and beauty for many years, if you take good care of them. Make sure that your trees are taken care of and let them fill your home with pleasant scents, sights and sounds. You will find that the trees tend to flourish and prosper, and provide you with many years of enjoyment.

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