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Tree Guy NC (qualified tree care company) is devoted to the care and maintenance of trees in all aspects of your home and service. We concentrate on all elements of tree care including tree planting, tree care info & services, tree elimination & stump removal, tree maintenance (prune & care), and more. Our team is made up of licensed and highly competent specialists that have the knowledge and experience required to carry out tree services effectively and efficiently.

We provide expert tree services in Lakewoods, Orange County to those who need a more extensive level of tree care service, including tree cutting, pruning, stump elimination and leaf removal. Our services consist of tree removal for medical or power factors, tree cutting for visual appeal and for security factors, pruning of diseased or non-standard branches to preserve show home value and evergreen tree elimination for visual appeals.

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Emergency tree services can make an enormous difference to the quality of your life. We are experts in everything related to trees: power washing, trimming trees, pruning and many more. These services are provided by a variety of local businesses that we've collaborated with. Tree Guy NC provides tree maintenance, pruning, as well as other services, for your convenience and safety.

We'll remove your trees the correct way.

Tree removal companies are experts in tree care. Our company is among the few in the area to provide both tree removal as well as trimming services. We'll remove all the growth from your trees within 24-hours. With the number of residents moving into our region, there's never been a better time to get rid of the branches that may cause your property to look unattractive. Make use of our tree removal services to eliminate the branches of your tree, without causing any harm to the tree.

Tree Trimming Lakewoods, Orange County

If you are searching for a professional tree cutting service in Lakewoods, Orange County, North Carolina, that's fully equipped and knowledgeable, then Tree Guy NC is the best business for you. Tree Guy NC uses professional tree services with a focus on client service and complete satisfaction. We take pride in our capability to provide precise estimates and take the time needed to complete each job. Our skilled employee are extremely trained and skilled in cutting, pruning, and cleaning trees to ensure your backyard stays looking excellent.

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Tree and Stump Removal Specialists

We've been providing excellent service and equipment to people within Lakewoods, Orange County for more than 10 years. We specialize in removing variety of trees like deciduous coniferous, tropical and coniferous hardwood trees. We also offer stump grinding on larger trees at your convenience. Our business is situated right by the water so there is always a demand for our services. It is important to have the appropriate equipment and skills to protect your property from weather storms as well as other elements.


Always Wanted to Work for a Tree? Imagine being able to help those who need help with their tree care by pruning, weeding and generally making your house safer. This is what makes us stand out. Our Lakewoods, Orange County company is searching for people who are motivated and want to share our love for trees, and to make our community better. As we prepare for the annual busy season we ask our employees to let us know if they have suggestions or have any questions regarding any of our tree services. If you have any questions regarding pruning or tree removal, please feel free to reach us via +1570-394-7474.

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Our aim is to help you feel more at home. Every phone call we take is met with quality workmanship. We are informed about trees and the way they grow in your home. Our tree care experts are experts on all varieties of trees, and can assist you with your tree care needs. We are able to assist you with any maintenance needed at your home from street trees to commercial trees.


If you're looking for the best tree services in Lakewoods, Orange County then you've come to the right spot. Tree Guy NC's mission is to become your most valuable customer. Every time our customers visit Tree Guy NC, we work hard to provide exceptional customer service as well as tree trimming. We hope you'll enjoy exploring our site, regardless of whether you're looking for Tree Services in Lakewoods, Orange County or another company to care for your trees.

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The Tree Guy NC has been providing the Lakewoods, Orange County region by providing reliable tree services as well as trimming of trees since. It was established in the belief that trees are essential in maintaining strong communities. The trees you plant become part of your neighborhood, and are can be a benefit to your home in the event that they are well-maintained and healthy. This recognition is evident in the continued growth of the company and its acceptance by local governments, industry groups and peers.



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You would like to feel though someone is looking after your yard and looking after it. This aspect of maintaining your yard is the responsibility of a variety of services. To cut down on time and cost check these out...


Trees are beneficial to our health and wellbeing, so it is essential to do all we can to ensure their preservation. It isn't easy to take care of them all yourself. There are a number of tree-care services in the Lakewoods, Orange County area to assist you. There are professional services, as well as neighborhood services who can assist you with any questions you might have.

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