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Tree Guy NC (certified tree care company) is dedicated to the care and maintenance of trees in all aspects of your home and service. We specialize in all elements of tree care consisting of tree planting, tree care details & services, tree elimination & stump removal, tree upkeep (care & prune), and more. Our team is made up of extremely skilled and certified specialists that possess the understanding and experience needed to perform tree services effectively and successfully.

Everything we do is made with the consumer in mind. Whether our tree-sitting service is delivering a tree trimmer to a homeowner who has actually chosen that he no longer needs the old one, or preparing a large tree for display screen in the waiting area of a regional bank, our goal is constantly to provide you with the best service at a budget friendly cost. We have one goal in mind: to offer the very best tree care service available in Manor Hill, Orange County.

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In just minutes, your tree is gone , and the debris is removed.

To improve the quality of air and to save trees, we frequently spray tree oil throughout the evening , and even into the next morning. We make use of a variety equipment and products that take care of large areas, which includes driveways and streets for residential properties, and other areas within larger areas. You can be assured that we take care of your skies and will be available to assist you, no matter if you visit us on your cleaning shifts or even by appointment.

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Our team is composed of highly trained professionals with the skills and knowledge to take down trees efficiently and cost-effective way possible. We'll hand-pick and bag up your debris, ensuring that it is transported efficiently to a secure location where it will be placed in sandbags with dry stones to be awaiting the collection of an experienced tree removal professional. All of our workers have access to emergency equipment, like headlamps with balaclavas, head lamps and saws.

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Our tree cutting company is top ranked and highly trained to offer you pain totally free tree trimming at budget friendly costs. Manor Hill, Orange County, North Carolina is an excellent location to do service and live. Our friendly personnel is prepared to give you an estimate where we can make a difference. We offer both expert support and complimentary tree cutting services to help make your home environment beautiful.

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It might be surprising to learn that there are firms that offer pruning and landscaping services. Many companies will send a professional expert to your site to take down any unwanted trees. Others are trained to take care of massive trees and take decisions about when they should be removed. There will be times in your life when you need a little extra assistance with trimming and maintaining your garden. Tree Guy NC has been offering stump grinding and tree removal for Lehigh Valley residents for over 25 years.


Tree Guy NC offers tree services of all kinds to the Manor Hill, Orange County region in general. Since 1996, our company has been owned by locals. We provide residential tree removal, trimming, tree care, and other services to homeowners. We specialize in removing trees from your property in order to keep your property neat and green. Our company is dedicated to be a leader in the tree-care industry with new products and services to benefit our communities. We are here to assist with any tree removal projects.

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Our mission is to become the tree service company of choice. We provide all of the services you would expect from a tree company, plus more! We offer tree removal, tree pruning, tree busking trees, tree service management and tree service management. The tree service management services can provide you with all the benefits of working in the trees that include earning money, showing off your feathered friends at markets in the area, to making an extra income! Our tree specialists are skilled and can handle any tree removal task swiftly and efficiently, so that we can do the things we enjoy, taking care for the environment.


All kinds of tree-related services are provided by our company Manor Hill, Orange County. Our company offers professional tree surgeons and attractive services for all kinds of trees. We offer their service as well as their professional knowledge under one roof. With our highly trained staff and tree surgeons We ensure that each customer receives the highest quality service. We have been involved on a variety of occasions to arrange drives which included prizes for the top trees. We are pleased to say that we've participated in these drives along with our clients.

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Each year millions of trees are cut because of negligence on the part of homeowners and tree removal companies. If left in a state of neglect for long enough they could trigger various issues, like tree sitting and standing water and erosion. The Tree Guy NC - it is undoubtedly the most prestigious name in the field of tree maintenance today. This title is bestowed on individuals who have passed a examination for certification administered by the American Society of Civil Engineers.



Take care of your trees to enhance the appearance of Your House

If you're looking after your property, you want to feel that there's someone monitoring the trees as they take care of them, and making sure that they remain healthy and green. The maintenance aspect of your yard can be handled by a variety of services. For a quick and easy way to save time and money, try these services...


Have you ever had an errant tree which caused an accident? A group of North Carolina community activists is taking action out of respect for the environment and the effort that goes to maintaining trees. They have obtained permits to trim trees and provide maintenance services to private property. If you live in a house that has tree-related capabilities, the next time the limb is pushed over the fence or enters your yard, you might be able to have this service available to you.

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