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We are a family owned and founded company that has actually supplied tree services in New Hope, Orange County for over 25 years. As an outcome, our reputation for offering top quality tree services has actually made us an acknowledged leader in the market considering that 2003.

We offer tree cutting and tree-removal services to both condo and townhouse neighborhoods in New Hope, Orange County. We can make sure that your home's appearance is encouraged by just nature and that all of the surrounding plants and trees get the attention they require to grow.

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Our tree experts are trained to remove and place the most dangerous branches and limbs that are around your home in the case in the event of an emergency. Our team is comprised of professional licensed with decades of experience working on tree removal. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions we get asked about tree removal services:

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Tree removal is a full-time profession. We are open all days during the week, including on weekends and holidays. Our tree service experts strive to ensure that you have the freedom to enjoy your garden and landscaping just as you normally. Our large vehicles allow us to pick up your tree, giving plenty of time to finish the task in a timely manner. With our repeat customers we're sure you can rely on our experienced tree removal experts to take care of the trees that bother you in a timely manner.

You can trust TreeGuyNC's Tree Service to handle your tree care needs in Long

If you are looking for an expert tree cutting service in New Hope, Orange County, North Carolina, that's well-equipped and skilled, then TreeGuyNC is the right company for you. TreeGuyNC uses expert tree services with a focus on customer service and complete satisfaction.

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Trees can make a homeowner's yard look dull. TreeGuyNC Tree Experts can help you get rid of unwanted trees. We offer professional tree removal and stump grinding services in New Hope, Orange County. When you call TreeGuyNC we can remove trees that could pose a threat to your home or business. We don't just remove and trim trees that are realistic, but also deal with dangerous ones that could pose a threat to your safety.


TreeGuyNC provides full-service tree services to the greater New Hope, Orange County region. Since 1996, TreeGuyNC is locally owned. We provide residential tree removal, tree trimming trees, tree maintenance and other services that assist homeowners in addressing their property maintenance requirements. We specialize in removing trees from your property in order to keep your property tidy and green. Our company is dedicated to be an industry leader in the tree care industry through new solutions and services that benefit our communities. We are here to assist with any tree removal task.

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Pronto Off Road can help if your tree doesn't meet our strict standards or if your treehouse doesn't meet the requirements of our company. Pronto Off Road is a tree service company that can provide all kinds of tree services, including stump removal, pruning, or removal of trees. Our skilled tree experts have years of experience in tree removal and will go the extra mile to ensure your trees are in safe hands. We have many years of experience with removing all types of trees including large trees, small branches, and limbs to assist in reducing maintenance costs and transport costs.


We have been providing tree services to New Hope, Orange County since 1995. It's been more than 20 years in business! Our mission is to grow and improve on the work we do while providing superior customer service and worth for money. Tree trimming includes tree trimming as well as stump removal, pruning tree removal, and tree removal. We follow the highest standards in the industry for safety and customer service. All of our employees are trained in advanced safety measures and equipped with protective gear.

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The TreeGuyNC has been serving the New Hope, Orange County region with high-quality tree services and tree trimming service since 1981. The company was established in the belief that good trees contribute to strong communities. Your trees become part your community, and become a source of value for your home, when they are well-maintained and healthy. That appreciation is reflected by the company's continual achievement and appreciation by local authorities, industry associations and other peers.



Do you want to remove that tree in your Yard? 5 ways to Feel Better

Did you have the knowledge that trimming your trees can help maintain their health? A trim can help keep trees in good health and decrease the chance of a tree foundation-related disaster. Where do you begin? How can you determine if your tree needs trimming? There are numerous factors to consider, and all tree-care professionals are the same. It can be difficult to decide which service will be best for your specific tree. To help you decide, here are my top six tips to help you determine if your tree requires trimming.


The residents of the area enjoy many benefits from taking care of trees. It's an integral part of our local community. But, there are some trees that pose a threat to your safety and health in particular those that are unhealthy or at risk of falling. If you're worried about a tree that might collapse or threaten safety you, call us at +1570-394-7474 or stop by one of our three locations.

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