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Whether you have a large plantation or a small building, we can help you produce a climate that is healthy and delighted. We have 9 years experience in tree removal and quick tree replacement, and have taken our knowledge of the industry to the next level by leading the industry in tree health monitoring, identifying and dealing with tree illness, carrying out tree fertilisation and water management systems, monitoring safety and air quality in our plantations.

Whether our tree-sitting service is delivering a tree trimmer to a property owner who has chosen that he no longer requires the old one, or preparing a big tree for display in the waiting location of a local bank, our objective is constantly to provide you with the finest service at a budget-friendly rate. Working alongside our group of friendly and knowledgeable experts you can rest assured knowing that all of your concerns will be attended to and taken care of with regard to health, safety and wellbeing, tree upkeep, care of bushes and tree care etc.

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Tree removal is a requirement in our community. Our tree service is economical and offers a quality of service that is unmatched. Our goal is to remain continually innovative to remain the best tree service in The Tree Guy LLC year after year. Our team consists of dedicated experts who have been professionally trained and certified to safely take away all tree limbs and branches from your property in a quick method, paying special attention to security.

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You can walk away from any job with smiles on your faces. Tree removal is a lucrative business if you hire the right people to handle it. A tree service that is professional will help you keep your home in tip-top shape and help save time and money. The professionals who provide tree services are highly skilled and have many years of experience in the removal of trees all time of the year. We strive to provide thorough clean up of leaves, accurate tree removal, and swift repairs.

The Tree Guy LLC's Tree Service can take charge of your tree's care in Long.

If you are looking for an expert tree cutting service in Orange Grove, Orange County, North Carolina, that's well-equipped and knowledgeable, then The Tree Guy LLC is the ideal company for you. The Tree Guy LLC uses expert tree services with an emphasis on consumer service and complete satisfaction.

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Since over 10 years, we've provided high-quality services and equipment for people living in Orange Grove, Orange County. We specialize in removing variety of trees including deciduous, coniferous, tropical and coniferous hardwood trees. To make your life easier, we are also able to provide stump grinding for more substantial trees. Because we are situated on the water there's always a demand for our services. It is vital to have the right equipment and expertise to safeguard your property from weather storms and other elements.


What if you could find an organization that was concerned about your trees and did their best to ensure that your trees lived and thrived? Our aim is to bring back the trees back to their natural state. Our company has been locally certified by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to offer clear cutting services. This allows us to collaborate directly with homeowners, establishing long-term relationships that span across your property and even beyond. Our tree trimming services include or pruning, as well as stump removal. We also provide services such as tree removal and tree service for civil engineering projects. We can assist you in completing your project within the timeframe and budget.

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Our goal is to become the one-stop tree service company. We provide all of the services you'd expect from a tree service and more! The services we provide include tree removal trimming, busking and tree service management. There are many benefits of working in trees that include earning money, show off your feathered friends in market stands in your area to making some extra cash! Our tree removal specialists are highly trained to handle any tree removal task fast and efficiently. This means you can continue doing what we love : caring for our beautiful environment!


You're selecting an expert tree service to take care of your trees because you're concerned about their health and wellbeing. There could be numerous tree service providers in your region. However, only a few companies have the knowledge and experience to take care of your trees in the best way. The Tree Guy LLC Orange Grove, Orange County is proud to ensure that every customer receives the attention and attention that they deserve.

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The Tree Guy LLC is an owned and operated by a family of the The Tree Guy LLC funeral home located in Orange Grove, Orange County. Our experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality funeral services and the highest standard of service. We're specialists in offering traditional funeral services as well as peace-filled ceremonies throughout the funeral process. We offer comfort to your familymembers, regardless of whether you're planning an open casket funeral or a private burial.



How to keep your trees Well-Needed

You'd like to feel as though someone is looking after your yard and taking care of it. There are many services that can help with this aspect of maintenance. For a quick and easy way to save time and money check these out...


Most people don't have the time or capability to keep their trees in good health. Your trees will provide enjoyment and beauty for many years if you take good care of them. It is possible to take pleasure in the aromas, sights, and sounds of trees when you take good care of them. They will be more likely to flourish and provide many years of enjoyment.

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