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The Tree Guy LLC (qualified tree care business) is devoted to the care and upkeep of trees in all aspects of your home and service. We specialize in all elements of tree care consisting of tree planting, tree care info & services, tree removal & stump removal, tree maintenance (care & prune), and more. Our group is made up of certified and highly experienced professionals that have the understanding and experience required to perform tree services efficiently and efficiently.

We supply professional tree services in Seven Mills Farms, Orange County to those who need a more comprehensive level of tree care service, including tree cutting, pruning, stump removal and leaf elimination. Our services include tree elimination for medical or power factors, tree cutting for aesthetic appeal and for safety reasons, pruning of non-standard or infected branches to maintain program residential or commercial property value and evergreen tree removal for aesthetic appeals.

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Tree removal is a necessity in our community. Our tree service is affordable and provides a high level of service. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve and remain a top-rated tree company in The Tree Guy LLC year after year. Our committed team is made of highly trained professionals who can safely remove any tree limbs or branches from your property in a timely fashion and with a particular focus on security.

Tree Service Experts

As a tree service provider, it's about being professional. To make room for new growth, we can remove all kinds of trees from your property. We make use of heavy equipment and special tools to remove and clean huge branches in the most efficient manner that is possible. All tree removals are carried out using the latest safety equipment and extensive preparation to ensure safety on site.

Tree Trimming Seven Mills Farms, Orange County

The Tree Guy LLC uses an innovative and cost efficient method to trim your trees. Velocity Technologies is an extremely trained on-site tree service business providing quickly, effective tree trimming in Seven Mills Farms, Orange County, North Carolina.

Tree Stump Removal Seven Mills Farms, Orange County

Tree Removal & Tree Service

Tree removal and stump grinding are both popular ways of working around construction sites. It can be a challenge to determine what you'll need for the job. Our experts pay attention to the weather and check the newspaper, keep track of social media (especially Twitter) and search public records to locate the potential dangers. Once you've identified the kind of job you'd like and have contacted Tree Rescue experts.


What if there were an organization that was concerned about your trees and did everything they could to ensure that your trees survived and flourished? Our aim is to bring back trees to their original condition. Clear cutting services are provided by our company, which is certified by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. We are able to work directly with homeowners to establish lasting relationships that will extend to the entire property. Tree trimming, pruning and stump removal are among our offerings. Our tree services include tree trimming, pruning and tree removal for civil engineering projects. We can assist you with completing your project in time and on budget.

Tree Removal & Tree Service

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Tree Removal, Trimming, and Fertilization

Our aim is to be the tree service company of choice. All the services you'd expect from a tree care company are available to us, plus many more. The services we provide include tree removal as well as busking, pruning and management of tree services. The tree service management services can provide you with all the benefits of working in trees that include earning money, display your feathered friends on local market stands to earning additional cash! Our tree removal experts are trained to handle any tree removal task swiftly and efficiently. This means we can go back to doing what we love - taking care of our beautiful environment!


The Tree Guy LLC offers a variety of tree services. These include tree removal, tree pruning and fertilization of trees. We work hard to provide the highest quality equipment and services to homeowners who wish to maintain and increase the size of their trees. Our tree removal professionals use modern equipment and highly skilled personnel to assist you in getting removed of unhealthy or inconvenient trees on your property. Our tree fertilization experts use sophisticated technology to improve the tree's growth and enhance the quality of your environment. For more information , call us now!

The Best Arborists in Seven Mills Farms, Orange County

Each year millions of trees are removed due to reasons that are usually negligence on the part of the property owner and tree removal companies. These trees may go unnoticed and cause standing water erosion, and tree sitting. The The Tree Guy LLC is without a doubt the most respected certification in tree maintenance in the present. This title has been conferred to those who have proved their knowledge, skills and experience in tree care , by passing a certification exam administered by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).



It is important to protect your tree

Trees can be a great asset to your house. They can be stunning additions to any property. Energy Star's tree care program encourages homeowners and homeowners to take good treatment of their trees. There are some simple guidelines that can aid in the preservation of your trees and improve their value. A tree service can bring many benefits to your home and property, not only to:


A lot of people do not have the time or motivation to take care of their trees. Your trees will provide joy and beauty for many more years if you take care of them. You can enjoy the wonderful smells, sights and sounds of trees if you take care of them. You'll find that trees are more likely to thrive and flourish. They will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

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