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TreeGuyNC (licensed tree care company) is committed to the care and upkeep of trees in all elements of your home and company. We specialize in all elements of tree care including tree planting, tree care information & services, tree elimination & stump removal, tree upkeep (prune & care), and more. Our team is made up of licensed and highly skilled professionals that have the knowledge and experience needed to carry out tree services efficiently and successfully.

Founded in 2013, TreeGuyNC is a full-service tree care business offering thorough tree elimination, tree cutting, pruning and stump elimination for business and private homes in south-eastern Ontario. We offer all services within a thirty minutes walk of your office or home; from visitor security to tree removal and pruning, we make it simple for you to have ideal trees in your landscaped backyard at a portion of the cost of other business.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

To increase the quality of air and help save trees, we frequently spray tree oil in late into the evening and through the next day. We have a wide range of products and equipment to take care of vast areas. This includes driveways and residential streets. You can be assured that we are concerned about your skies and are there to help you, whether you visit us on your cleaning shifts or on an appointment.

Removal of trees in any Situation

Tree removal companies are experts in tree care. We're one of the few companies in the area that provides both tree removal as well as tree trimming services and can eliminate all growth from your trees in 24 hours. With so many residents moving into our region There's never been a better time to rid yourself of those branches that could cause your property to look unpleasant. Our tree removal services can take branches off your tree without causing damage.

You can trust TreeGuyNC's Tree Service to handle all your tree maintenance needs in Long

At TreeGuyNC we offer a range of services to help you keep your trees. There is so much tree cutting in the area that it can be tough to know where to begin. We offer experienced and licensed professionals along with a knowledge base of information on how to keep your trees healthy and looking fantastic.

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We offer a variety of stump grinding and tree removal services within The Oaks, Orange County, NC. We have assisted many homeowners keep their homes in good condition throughout the years, and also remove undesirable trees from their yards. Pruning, trimming and stump removal are just a few of our offerings. We are specialists in the removal of dangerous and fallen trees from private properties and also city property. We can also remove trees on municipal property if required by the appropriate city official.


Have you ever dreamed of working with trees? Imagine helping people take care of their trees through pruning and weeding, and making their homes safer. This is what sets us apart. The The Oaks, Orange County-based company is in search of people who are motivated and share our love of trees, and want to make our community a better place. As we prepare for the season's busy times, we are asking our staff whether they have any suggestions or have any questions regarding any of our tree services. If you have any questions regarding tree removal or pruning , feel free to contact us at +1570-394-7474.

Trusted Tree Service & Tree Removal Company

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Tree Removal Pruning, Trimming and Fertilization

Why should you go with us? Simply simply put, we're focussed on aesthetics. The tree trimming and pruning services we provide are performed with the latest technology and equipment. We aim to make the experience pleasant for everyone involved, including the tree service provider, customers and city officials. We aim to exceed your expectations, by giving each project our personal attention. We are mindful of your personal style and requirements. Alongside our tree trimming service, we offer


We've been offering tree services to The Oaks, Orange County since 1995. More than 20 years in business! Our goal is to expand and enhance what we do , while delivering excellent customer service and worth for money. We provide all kinds of tree services , including tree trimming, tree removal, pruning and stump removal. We adhere to the strictest standards in the industry for safety and customer service. All of our employees are trained in safety procedures and outfitted with protective gear.

Your Experts at Tree Service

TreeGuyNC is an owned and operated by a family of the TreeGuyNC funeral home located in The Oaks, Orange County. Our skilled team is committed to providing top-quality burial services as well as the highest level of service. We're experts in offering traditional funeral services as well as tranquil ceremonies throughout the funeral process. When you're planning an open casket funeral or private funeral, we provide peace in your home and with your family members during this time of sorrow.



Do you want to remove that tree that is in your Yard? 5 Options to Make you Feel better

Have you ever encountered trees on your property which needed trimming? It doesn't matter what a small tree or a large one; we can all use some help maintaining our trees' health and neat. When you're looking after our trees, we'd prefer the best. This website is dedicated to providing top-notch tree care and advice to anyone who may need them. Contact me today if you need tree maintenance for yourself or for someone you know.


Many people don't have the time or motivation to take care of their trees. With the right treatment and maintenance the trees you have can bring you joy and beauty for years to in the future. Take care of your trees and let them provide you with a pleasant smell, sight and sounds. You will find that the trees tend to flourish and flourish. They will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

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