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We supply a broad variety of tree services consisting of tree elimination, tree trimming, pruning and tree care. Our expert tree service companies are highly trained to work efficiently and efficiently on all types of trees.

Tree Guy NC-- Tree Care & Construction Business, provides quality tree services for all of your tree-related needs. At Tree Guy NC, we comprehend the significance of trees and the advantages that they can offer your property. We aim to keep your trees healthy and pruned so that they produce plentiful fruit and attract wildlife to your doorstep. We are devoted to offering you with all of the services you require to get your trees healthy, looking excellent, and producing abundant fruit every year!

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: You can Count on It

Our company offers tree trimming as well as service. We can help anyone, regardless of age or location. We are tree service experts who have the experience and expertise to ensure everyone is satisfied with visiting their local tree service provider. Contact us now if you require a tree inspection or assessment.

We'll take down your trees in the proper way.

Tree removal companies are experts in tree care. We're among the few businesses in the region which offers tree removal and trimming services. We'll be able to get rid of all growth on your trees within 24 hours. With the number of people moving into our area there's never been better time to get rid of those branches that might cause your home to appear ugly. Our tree removal service is able to take branches off your tree without causing damage.

Trim Your Tree

Tree trimming is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy and in shape. White Cross, Orange County Tree Trimmer has been assisting individuals and businesses in White Cross, Orange County, North Carolina remove dangerous and hazardous products from their plant, tree, or shrub so that its charm and value can continue to shine through for generations to come.

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Arborists, We've Got All the For You!

Are you in search of trustworthy information about stump grinding as well as emergency tree removal? You are in the right place. Tree Guy NC has been in the field of tree care since 1987. That means we've handled everything from tree removal to whole tree reconstruction. We're dedicated to providing top-quality service to our customers all the way.


Imagine a company that took care of your trees and took every step they could to make sure they thrived. Our aim is to assist owners to restore their trees back to their original health. Our company has been local certified by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to offer clear cutting services. We work directly with homeowners, and develop long-lasting relationships that will extend to the entire property. Our tree trimming services include as well as pruning and stump removal. Our services include tree service and tree removal for civil engineering projects. That's where we come in to our role - we offer the experience and knowledge to ensure that your project is completed in time and on budget!

Tree and Stump Removal Specialists

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From the arborist to the stump grinder

Our goal is to make your home more comfortable. We offer high-quality workmanship each and each time you call. We are informed about trees and the way they be able to grow within your home. Our tree care experts are experts in all kinds of trees, and can assist you with your requirements. We can assist you with all requirements for maintaining your property, from street trees to commercial trees.


If you're in search of the best tree service in White Cross, Orange County then you're in the right spot. Here at Tree Guy NC we strive to be your most valued client. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding customer service and tree trimming services each time they come to Tree Guy NC. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our site, whether you're searching for Tree Services in White Cross, Orange County or another company that can care for your trees.

The Best Arborists in White Cross, Orange County

The field of home care is an incredibly growing business. It is vital to make sure that homes are maintained by licensed and certified experts. Because each state has their own regulations about how much homeowners can spend on their house care, it's crucial to know the various rules that apply to different firms you choose to collaborate with. Here is a list of some of the reasons Tree Guy NC is a tree care company based in White Cross, Orange County is an excellent option for your tree care requirements.



Make sure your trees are well-maintained to enhance the look of your house

Have you ever thought about whether your trees need trimming? Trimming can help keep the trees healthy and reduce the chance of a tree foundation-related disaster. How do you get started? How do you know whether your tree is in need of trimming? There are many factors to take into consideration and not all tree care professionals are the same. It isn't easy to determine which one is best for your tree. In this regard Here are my top 6 suggestions to help you figure out whether your tree needs trimming.


The removal of a tree is an emotional process. Many people feel overwhelmed and are unable to complete the task. There are those who are elated when they see the tree removed. Whatever your feelings about the decision to cut down your tree, there are important aspects to be aware of. This article will provide five methods to make the removal process of trees less emotionally.

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