Tree Services in Friendship, Wake County

The Tree Guy LLC (licensed tree care business) is devoted to the care and maintenance of trees in all elements of your home and service. We focus on all aspects of tree care including tree planting, tree care info & services, tree elimination & stump removal, tree upkeep (prune & care), and more. Our team is made up of certified and highly competent specialists that have the understanding and experience necessary to perform tree services efficiently and effectively.

We are likewise recognized by the Tree Products Association (TPAA) to supply on-site evaluation of tree foliage for tea and coffee production using high quality equipment and diagnostic techniques. The Tree Guy LLC-- Tree Care & Building and construction Company, provides quality tree services for all of your tree-related needs.

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tree removal
In a matter of minutes, your tree will be gone and the mess is cleaned up.

Tree oil is usually sprayed at night and early in at dawn to improve the quality of air and to protect trees. We are able to provide a broad range of equipment and products to protect large areas. This includes driveways and residential streets. If you visit us during your cleaning shift or by appointment, you'll rest assured we care about the health of our skies and we take our responsibility seriously.

Tree Services Friendship, Wake County

Tree removal firms are experts in tree maintenance. Our company is one of few in the area to provide both tree removal as well as trimming services. We can remove all growth of your trees in 24-hours. With so many residents moving into our region, there's never been a better time to get rid of branches that could make your home look unattractive. Make use of our tree removal services to eliminate branches on your tree without doing any damage to the tree.

Trim your Tree

We provide tree trimming in Friendship, Wake County, North Carolina as well as nearby areas. With a population higher than that of some little towns, Friendship, Wake County has plenty of companies to keep the busy folk delighted and inhabited as they take advantage of the perfect setting for their outside interests.

Tree Stump Removal In Friendship, Wake County, North Carolina

We are known for providing top-quality tree services and removal

We've been providing high-quality service and equipment to people within Friendship, Wake County for over 10 years. We specialize in the removal of trees such as deciduous, coniferous and tropical hardwoods. We also offer stump grinding on larger trees at your convenience. Being a company that is located near the water, there's always a demand for our services. With the onset of winter storms as well as changing lifestyles, it's vital to have the proper equipment and the right skills to ensure your property is protected from elements that are outside.


Have you always wanted to work for the Tree? Imagine helping people in their tree care by trimming, weeding and in general, making your home more secure. That's what sets us apart. Our Friendship, Wake County company is searching for enthusiastic individuals who would like to share their passion for trees and contribute to making our community better. As we get set up for the annual busy season we are asking our staff to let us know if they have suggestions or concerns about the tree services we offer. +1570-394-7474 can help you with any questions you might have regarding tree removal or pruning.

Tree and Stump Removal Experts

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Our goal is to make your home experience more pleasant. Each call we make is met with quality workmanship. Our tree care experts will help you choose the right trees for your property. Our tree care experts have the knowledge and experience to work with all kinds of trees and their needs. We are able to assist you with any needs for maintenance at your home all the way from street trees to commercial trees.


All kinds of tree-related services are provided by our company in Friendship, Wake County. We have tree surgeons who are professional and beautiful services for all kinds of trees. The entire professional experience and support is accessible under one roof. With our highly-trained staff and tree surgeons We make sure that every client receives the best service. We have collaborated on numerous occasions to organise drives that awarded prizes to the most impressive trees. We are proud to share that we've also been involved in these drives with our customers.

Professional Arborists

The The Tree Guy LLC has been providing the Friendship, Wake County region with reliable tree services and tree trimming service since 1981. It was founded on the belief that trees are vital in maintaining strong communities. Your trees become part of your community, and an asset to your home as long as they are maintained and healthy. This appreciation is evident in the continual prosperity of the company as well as its acceptance by local governments as well as industry associations and other peers.



Make sure your trees are well-maintained to improve the appearance of your house

We live in an age when it is commonplace to see plants and trees in all sorts of state of health and well-being. You must be aware of the health of your own plants as well as those around you because they are part of your community. There are times when you don't have the resources required for professional tree service in your local area. The Tree Guy LLC is here to assist. The Tree Guy LLC is a group made up of tree-care specialists with years of experience in the industry. We know what to do to assist your trees to keep them healthy and strong.


Trees are beneficial for our health, and should be protected. However, it's difficult to maintain them on your own. However, there are a number of tree care services available in the Friendship, Wake County region to assist you. There are professional tree care services, as well as local ones that can help answer any questions you have.

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