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We supply a broad variety of tree services including tree removal, tree cutting, pruning and tree care. Our expert tree service providers are highly trained to work effectively and successfully on all types of trees.

Founded in 2013, Tree Guy NC is a full-service tree care company supplying thorough tree elimination, tree trimming, pruning and stump elimination for private and business homes in south-eastern Ontario. We offer all services within a thirty minutes walk of your home or office; from visitor security to tree elimination and pruning, we make it simple for you to have best trees in your landscaped backyard at a portion of the cost of other companies.

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Tree Service for Greenwood Acres, Wake County

Your overall quality of life could be significantly improved through emergency tree services. Tree-related issues are our specialization including power washing, tree trimming, pruning and so on. We've formed partnerships with a range of local businesses to offer these essential services. In Tree Guy NC, we provide tree care, pruning and other related services to ensure your security and comfort.

Tree Services Greenwood Acres, Wake County

Being a tree contractor means being professional. To make room for new growth, we can take all kinds of trees from your property. To clean, cut, and trim large branches effectively our team uses heavy equipment and special tools. The use of safety equipment is a part of all tree removals.

Tree Guy NC's Tree Service can take the care of your tree in Long.

If you are looking for an expert tree cutting service in Greenwood Acres, Wake County, North Carolina, that's well-equipped and experienced, then Tree Guy NC is the right business for you. Tree Guy NC provides professional tree services with a focus on client service and complete satisfaction.

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Tree removal and stump grinding are available to help remove trees and other obstacles to create the necessary setbacks for projects around perimeters. They can also help rebuild fallen trees in order to improve the habitat of wildlife and also remove hazardous trees from roads and streets. These tree removals and groundwork solutions are suitable for homeowners from all regions of metro Atlanta. We also conduct inspections on commercial properties to ensure that they are in compliance with fire and safety codes due to our location in Hunt County.


Our mission is straightforward. Our goal is to provide the top tree services and tree removal service in Greenwood Acres, Wake County. As a company, we strive to offer efficient services to ensure that you remain at the top of your game. Our tree removal service now comes with a commercial-grade tree service. This allows us to offer a more efficient and cost-effective service to our clients. Our knowledge of tree care allows us to offer the most comprehensive tree removal service. This includes trimming trees and pruning, as well as removing dirt and soil, and also the pulling of trees branches, limb removal, as well as branches and limbs removal.

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Are there trees that require pruning, stump removal, or tree planting? Are you a homeowner who has an extensive yard that needs keeping green? We can help if you have a garden which needs to be kept green. Call +1570-394-7474 to speak with the most knowledgeable tree care specialist in Greenwood Acres, Wake County. Discuss the possibilities and the costs associated with the removal of trees and their care, in addition to how our tree care specialists will ensure that your trees are healthy and happy!


We have been providing tree services to Greenwood Acres, Wake County since 1995. This is more than 20 years of experience! Our aim is to grow and to improve what we do , while delivering excellent customer service and worth for money. Tree services include tree trimming and stump removal, trimming, tree removal, and tree removal. We are committed to the most stringent standards of safety and customer service. Our employees are trained in safety procedures and outfitted with protective gear.

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Have you ever thought about why there is a special tree service tax for commercial properties? In order to pay for the tax, a service has to be provided. It is possible that the cost of the service may be greater than the property tax. If the tree-services business is dependent on its surrounding area and the tax could discourage customers from asking for services from other companies operating in the same region. Learn how to qualify for Tree Guy NC



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We live in a world where it is normal to see trees and plants in all sorts of states of health and wellbeing. Because they are part of your community, you have to be sure to take care of them. In some cases, you might not have the resources required for professional tree servicing in your region. That's why Tree Guy NC is able to step in and help. Tree Guy NC has a team of tree care specialists with an extensive experience in the field. We know what you can do to ensure that your trees remain strong and healthy.


You might consider planting a tree. It's a fantastic way of showing gratitude for all that you've got and to show little acts of kindness to the natural world. When you think of the benefits of a tree, it's not only the aesthetics - it's also crucial to think about the health benefits that come from being in the midst of green trees. Trees protect our homes from snow and protects us from dangerous insects and other invaders. It provides nutrients for trees within its branches. It helps control weather patterns and also helps keep our homes warm in the winter.

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