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We are a household owned and established company that has actually offered tree services in Hayes Barton, Wake County for over 25 years. Our name shows our commitment to quality; we believe everybody needs to be dealt with the same way is dealt with by the tree service industry. At Tree Guy NC, you will find a team of extremely trained experts, who are highly valued by our customers for their expertise and professionalism in tree care. As a result, our reputation for providing top quality tree services has actually made us an acknowledged leader in the market since 2003.

Whatever we do is made with the consumer in mind. Whether our tree-sitting service is providing a tree trimmer to a homeowner who has chosen that he no longer requires the old one, or preparing a large tree for screen in the waiting location of a regional bank, our objective is always to supply you with the very best service at an inexpensive price. We have one objective in mind: to provide the best tree care service offered in Hayes Barton, Wake County.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We'd like to ensure our customers enjoy a positive safe, secure, and healthy tree care experience. This means aiding them in trimming, pruning, or other maintenance tasks. We're here to help you when you require assistance - no matter if you require assistance getting your tree up and off the ground or in the event that you require us to notify you of problems. If you're worried about safety, it's important to know the steps we can do to protect you. Contact us now.

Tree Services Hayes Barton, Wake County

As a tree service provider, it's all about being professional. In order to make room for future growth, we can remove any type of tree from your property. We make use of heavy equipment and special tools to cut and clean huge branches in the best way feasible. All of our tree removals are performed using safety equipment and extensive preparation to ensure safety on site.

Remove the loose Branches and Shrubs in Your Yard

Tree cutting is a vital part of keeping your trees healthy and in shape. Hayes Barton, Wake County Tree Trimmer has been helping individuals and companies in Hayes Barton, Wake County, North Carolina remove harmful and harmful materials from their plant, tree, or shrub so that its beauty and worth can continue to shine through for generations to come.

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Tree Removal & Tree Service

Since more than 10 years we've provided high-quality services and equipment to people who live in Hayes Barton, Wake County. We specialize in removing variety of trees like deciduous coniferous, and tropical hardwood trees. For your convenience, we also offer stump grinding services for bigger trees. As a business situated on the water, there is always a need for our services. With the onset of winter storms as well as changing life styles, it is vital to have the proper tools and techniques to protect your home from the elements outside.


What if there were a business that truly cared about your trees, and took every step to ensure that your trees lived and flourished? Our goal is simple - to help owners bring their trees back to their original health. Clear cutting is a service offered by our company, which is recognized by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. We work directly with homeowners and establish long-lasting relationships that extend to the entire property. Pruning, trimming, and stump removal are just a few of our offerings. Our tree services include tree trimming, pruning as well as tree removals for civil engineering projects. We can assist you in completing your project in time and on budget.

Tree Removal & Tree Service

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Every year, thousands of residential and commercial clients depend on us to get rid of tree limbs, and clear debris off patios, driveways walkways and other areas that are important for their property's value. Over the years we've earned an excellent reputation for our tree care services and a thorough cleaning after work. Our skilled staff has the capabilities and know-how to safely eliminate any hazardous material, protecting the safety of your loved ones and you. Our tree experts can assist you to ensure that your home is re-usable this winter season.


Our name says it all. We provide top notch tree services to help people live happier and healthier lives. In a city that is crowded such as Hayes Barton, Wake County It can be difficult to find time for what you truly enjoy. We are aware of this, and that is why we provide services that enhance your life in such an approach that you'll return for more. Our services include yard work, pruning, tree trimming and more. Contact us now for more information about our services and to discover what we can do to help you.

Professional arborists

Tree Guy NC is an established family-owned funeral home in Hayes Barton, Wake County. Our experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality funeral services, and the highest quality of service. We are experts at providing traditional funeral services and peaceful ceremonies for the entire funeral process. When you're planning an open casket service or private funeral We will ensure peace in the home and with the family during this difficult time.



How can you remove the tree that is in your yard? 5 ways to Feel better

We live in an age where it is normal to see plants and trees in many different levels of health and well-being. You must take care of your own plants as well as those around you because they belong to your neighborhood. In some cases, you won't have the money to hire specialists in tree care in your local area. That is where Tree Guy NC can step in to assist you. Tree Guy NC is a team of tree-care specialists with an extensive experience in the field. We know what we can do to assist your trees to remain strong and healthy.


It can be difficult to cut down the stump of a tree. Some people are overwhelmed by the task and are unable to complete the task. Certain people feel a sense of satisfaction when the tree is removed. Whatever your feelings it is important to consider a number of aspects to take into consideration before deciding which tree to have removed. This article will cover five methods to make removal of trees easier.

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