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We are a family owned and established organization that has actually provided tree services in Hickory Meadows, Wake County for over 25 years. Our name reflects our dedication to quality; we believe everyone needs to be dealt with the same way is dealt with by the tree service industry. At Tree Guy NC, you will discover a team of extremely trained specialists, who are extremely valued by our customers for their proficiency and professionalism in tree care. As a result, our credibility for providing top quality tree services has actually made us a recognized leader in the industry since 2003.

Founded in 2013, Tree Guy NC is a full-service tree care company offering thorough tree elimination, tree cutting, pruning and stump removal for private and commercial properties in south-eastern Ontario. We offer all services within a thirty minutes walk of your home or office; from visitor safety to tree removal and pruning, we make it simple for you to have best trees in your landscaped yard at a fraction of the expense of other business.

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Tree Service for Hickory Meadows, Wake County

Our tree specialists are trained to remove and relocate any dangerous branches and limbs away from your home in the case of an emergency. Our team is made up of certified professionals with many years of experience working on tree removal. The following is a listing of the most commonly asked concerns we receive about tree services:

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Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals with the knowledge and tools to take down trees efficiently and cost-effective way possible. We'll hand-pick and bag the debris and ensure that it is efficiently transported to a secure facility that will place it in dry-stoned sandbags to await the arrival of professional tree removal experts. All our employees have access to emergency equipment such as head lamps with balaclavas, head lamps and saws.

Tree Guy NC's Tree Service can take charge of your tree's care in Long.

Tree cutting is a necessary part of keeping your trees healthy and in shape. Our tree cutting company is top rated and extremely trained to provide you pain free tree trimming at budget friendly prices. Velocity Technologies is an extremely trained on-site tree service business providing quick, effective tree cutting in Hickory Meadows, Wake County, North Carolina.

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Trees can make a homeowner's yard look drab. The reason Tree Guy NC Tree Experts is here to help you get rid of unwanted trees. We offer expert stump grinding and tree removal services in Hickory Meadows, Wake County. Tree Guy NC can assist you in getting rid of any thriving trees in your locality. We'll not only prune and trim realistic-looking trees for our clients, but we'll remove dangerous trees that may put your safety at risk.


We are experts in tree removal, tree trimming, and tree services. We can eliminate a range of trees, including Austin Cypress, Aspen, Western Honeycrisp, Horseshoe Pink, Holly Blue, Walnut, Black Locust, Cherry, Sycamore, Maple and many more! Tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, sidewalk cleaning and tree inspections are only a few of the services that we offer. We're here to answer all questions you may be asking about our services.

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Our mission is to be your all-in-one tree service provider. We offer all the services you'd expect from a tree service as well as more! We offer tree removal, tree pruning, tree busking and tree service management and tree service management. You can reap all the benefits of working in the trees and earn money from show off your feathered friends in market stands, and even earning some extra cash! Our tree removal experts are trained to handle every tree removal job quickly and efficiently. This means we can go back to doing what we love - taking care of our beautiful environment!


Our company provides all kinds of tree service in Hickory Meadows, Wake County. Our company provides expert tree surgeons and appealing services for all types of trees. Their professional knowledge and support is accessible all under one roof. We guarantee that every customer receives top-quality service thanks to our highly trained staff, which includes an arborist. We have been involved on a variety of occasions to organize drives, with prizes awarded to the top trees. We are extremely proud that we have participated in these drives along with our customers.

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Since 1981 Since 1981, the Tree Guy NC has been providing trustworthy tree care and trimming for the Hickory Meadows, Wake County community. It was established by the conviction that trees are crucial to sustaining strong communities. Your trees become part your neighborhood, and are can be a benefit to your home, when they are well-maintained and healthy. This recognition is evident in the ongoing success of the business and its recognition by local governments along with industry associations and colleagues.



How to Keep Your Trees Well-Needed

The maintenance of your trees is one of those basic aspects that make all the difference to the yard. As homeowner, need to be able to take care of your trees and ensure they look good. In many cases, homeowners don't appreciate the importance of trees until they have them being cut down or spray painted with gratitude. This is the best time as ever to become familiar with the care of your home's trees so you can make the right decision for you and your family.


Have you ever had a tree fall and cause havoc? A group of North Carolina community activists is doing something out of respect for the environment and the hard work that goes into maintaining trees. They've been granted permission to trim trees as well as provide maintenance services to private property. It is possible to get a tree trimming service if you have a house with tree capability.

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