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We concentrate on all tree elimination irrespective of size and conditions including tree fertilization, tree cutting, pruning, and stump elimination. Our tree service offers worth to our consumers by providing them with dependable and fast tree removal at prices they can afford while offering maximum tree health and vigor back into the neighborhood. Our tree trimming and pruning services are developed to assist you delight in the beauty of your area trees while likewise enhancing your residential or commercial property worth.

Founded in 2013, Tree Guy NC is a full-service tree care business offering comprehensive tree removal, tree cutting, pruning and stump removal for commercial and private properties in south-eastern Ontario. We provide all services within a 30 minute walk of your home or office; from visitor security to tree removal and pruning, we make it simple for you to have best trees in your landscaped backyard at a portion of the expense of other business.

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Tree Service for Lakemont, Wake County

Our company provides trimming and tree service. We can assist everyone, regardless of age or place of residence. As experienced tree service experts We have the experience and ability to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience when they visit the nearest tree service location. Contact us today if need a tree service or assessment.

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Being a tree remover is a full-time job. Even though there are weekends as well as holidays that fall on busy hours, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced tree service professionals work hard to make sure that you have the time to enjoy your landscaping and your yard as you normally do. Our big vans enable us to speedily remove your tree, giving plenty of time to finish the task efficiently. With our loyal customers we're confident that you can count on our skilled tree removal professionals to eliminate all those pesky trees quickly.

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At Tree Guy NC we provide a range of services to help you keep your trees. Lakemont, Wake County, North Carolina has a great deal of small tree plantations that need help keeping them healthy. There is so much tree trimming in the area that it can be tough to understand where to begin. That's where we come in. We provide trained and certified professionals in addition to a knowledge base of information on how to keep your trees healthy and looking fantastic. Our objective is to make certain that everyone has an opportunity to read more about these necessary pieces of our ecosystem as we continue to recover from this disastrous natural catastrophe.

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The removal of trees and the grinding of stumps are popular methods of working around construction sites. It can be a challenge to figure out what you'll need to do the task. Our experts pay attention to the weather and go through the paper, check social media (especially Twitter) and search public records to find possible hazards. Once you've identified the kind of job you have in mind, call a Tree Rescue expert.


Have you always dreamed of working with trees? Imagine being able to help people take care of their trees by trimming, weeding and generally making your home safer. That's what makes us stand out. Our Lakemont, Wake County-based firm is looking for motivated individuals who share our passion for trees and who want to improve our community as a place. Our employees are asked to share their thoughts and suggestions as we prepare for the busy season. +1570-394-7474 can help you with any questions about pruning or tree removal.

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Do you have trees that need trimming, stump removal or tree planting? Are you a homeowner who has an expansive yard that requires to be kept green? We can help you if you have a garden that needs to be kept in good shape. Call +1570-394-7474 to speak with expert tree service experts in Lakemont, Wake County. We will discuss the costs and options for tree removal , and how our tree service experts will ensure that your trees remain healthy and happy.


Tree Guy NC provides a range of tree services, including tree removal, tree pruning, and fertilization of trees. We are committed to providing top-quality tools and services for homeowners looking to maintain and expand their trees. Our tree removal professionals use modern equipment and highly skilled personnel to assist you in getting removed of unhealthy or inconvenient trees that are on your property. Our tree fertilization specialists employ cutting-edge technology to enhance the growth of your trees and improve the environmental quality. Contact us today for more details!

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Home care is a fast growing industry. This is why it is essential to ensure that your home is maintained by licensed and certified experts. Every state has its own rules on how much homeowners can pay for home care. It is important to understand the regulations of the businesses you select to work for. Here are a few of the reasons Tree Guy NC which is an Lakemont, Wake County-based tree care company is an excellent choice for meeting your needs in tree care.



You Should Protect Your Tree

Have you ever thought about whether the trees in your yard need trimming? Pruning your trees can keep your trees in good shape and help reduce the chance of a catastrophe at the foundation. Where should you begin? What can you tell when your tree needs trimming? There are numerous factors to consider, and all tree care experts are alike. It can be challenging to determine which service will be best for your particular tree. In this regard I've put together this list of my top 6 suggestions for identifying if your tree requires trimming.


Are you contemplating making a decision to plant trees? This is a great method of showing your gratitude to all that you have , and also small acts of kindness towards the environment. When you consider the benefits of a tree it's not just about the aesthetic appeal - it's also crucial to think about the health benefits from living in a forest surrounded by trees. A tree protects our home from snow and safeguards us from harmful insects and other invaders. It supplies nutrients to the plants that grow within its branches. It also helps control weather patterns and keeps our home warm during winter.

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