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We offer a broad variety of tree services consisting of tree elimination, tree cutting, pruning and tree care. Our professional tree service suppliers are extremely trained to work effectively and efficiently on all types of trees.

We are also accredited by the Tree Products Association (TPAA) to supply on-site assessment of tree foliage for tea and coffee production utilizing high quality devices and diagnostic techniques. Tree Guy NC-- Tree Care & Construction Company, offers quality tree services for all of your tree-related requirements.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: Trust It

Tree removal is an important part of our community. Our tree service is cost-effective and provides a level of service that is superior to any other. We strive to be innovative and remain a top tree company in Tree Guy NC every year. Our team of experts is composed of highly trained professionals who can safely remove any branches or tree limbs from your property in a timely manner and with special attention to safety.

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As a tree service provider, it's all about professionalism. We take out all kinds of trees on your property to create space for new growth. To cut, clean, and trim large branches efficiently we employ heavy-duty equipment and special tools. All of our tree removals are carried out using security equipment and thorough preparation for safety at the site.

Tree Guy NC's Tree Service can take the care of your tree in Long.

We specialize in all aspects of tree upkeep from street tree trimming to customized cutting of industrial hardwood. If you have a particular question about tree cutting in Little Lake Hill, Wake County or need help selecting the finest tree trimming business for your needs, give us a call!

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Do you want to know about news on emergency tree removal and stump-grinding services that you can count on? You are on the right track. At Tree Guy NC we've been involved in the tree business since 1987. We've had experience in every aspect from tree removal to complete reconstruction of trees. We are committed to providing superior service to our customers all the step of the way.


Have you ever wanted to work for trees? Imagine being able to assist people with their tree care through pruning, weeding and generally making your house more secure. This is why we are different. Our Little Lake Hill, Wake County located company is looking for motivated individuals who want to share our passion for trees and help make our community better. As we get set up for the busy season we ask our employees whether they have any suggestions or questions about any of our tree services. If you have questions about pruning or tree removal, please feel free to reach us via +1570-394-7474.

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Are you in the middle of trees that require trimming, stump removal or tree planting? Do you live in a home with a large yard that needs keeping green? If yes, we can assist! Phone +1570-394-7474 to speak to an knowledgeable tree service specialists in Little Lake Hill, Wake County. We can talk about the possibilities and costs involved in tree removal and tree care in addition to the ways our tree service experts can ensure that your trees are healthy and Happy!


Since 1995, we have provided tree care services in Little Lake Hill, Wake County. More than 20 years of experience in the industry! We are constantly striving to enhance and expand our business while still providing excellent service to our customers and quality. We provide all kinds of tree services including tree trimming and removal, pruning and stump removal. We are committed to the most stringent standards of safety and customer service. Our employees are trained in advanced safety procedures and are equipped with safety equipment.

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Each year, millions of trees are cut for reasons that are typically carelessness on the part of property owners as well as tree removal companies. If they are left in a state of neglect for long enough the trees could cause all sorts of issues including tree sitting and standing water and erosion. It's the most cherished name in the field of tree care today that is the Tree Guy NC. The title is awarded to those who have passed the certification test conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers.



Trees Can Add Value to your Home

Trees can increase the value of your property. In reality, they function as beautiful additions to any property. Energy Star's tree care program encourages homeowners to take proper care of their trees. There are some simple guidelines that can ensure your trees are kept in good condition and increase the value of your trees. A tree service could bring many benefits to your home that include but are not limited to:


Residents enjoy many advantages from protecting trees. It is an integral part of our local community. Certain trees could be a threat to your health or safety in particular if they are unsafe or are in danger of falling. You can contact +1570-394-7474 for any concerns about trees that might fall or pose a threat to your security.

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