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The Tree Guy LLC, facility of Longview, Wake County is a nationally recognised tree company with a group of skilled staff. We offer a large range of tree services consisting of tree elimination, tree trimming, pruning and tree care. By working closely with your property management you get the highest level of service to keep your home, while reaping the benefits of nature at the same time. Our professional tree service providers are extremely trained to work efficiently and successfully on all types of trees.

Working along with our team of experienced and friendly experts you can rest ensured understanding that all of your issues will be addressed and taken care of with regard to wellbeing, security and health, tree upkeep, care of bushes and tree care and so on.

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We Take Trees Down in a Snap

If you have an emergency situation, our tree professionals can remove any hazardous branches or limbs that are in danger from your home and put them in a safe place. Our tree specialists are licensed professionals who have decades of experience with tree removal. Below is a listing of the most frequently-asked questions about tree removal services.

We will trim your trees in the right method.

You'll leave any task with smile on your face. That's because tree removal can be an extremely profitable business if you can hire the appropriate person. Engaging a professional tree service will keep your home in top condition while saving you time and cash in the long term. The tree service experts are skilled and have many years of experience removing trees all throughout the year. We are committed to providing thorough clean up of leaves, accurate tree removal, and thorough repairs.

The Tree Guy LLC's Tree Service can take the care of your tree in Long.

We specialize in all elements of tree maintenance from street tree trimming to custom cutting of commercial hardwood. If you have a particular question about tree cutting in Longview, Wake County or need support selecting the finest tree trimming business for your requirements, give us a call!

Do You Need Tree Removal In Longview, Wake County, NC?

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We offer stump grinding and tree removal services in Longview, Wake County, NC. We have helped homeowners maintain their property value throughout the years, and also remove undesirable trees from their properties. Services include tree trimming or pruning, as well as stump removal. We are experts in the removal of dangerous and fallen trees from private properties as well as city property. If necessary, we'll also remove trees from municipal land.


Have you ever wanted to work for trees? Imagine helping others care for their trees through pruning and weeding, and making their homes safer. This is why we are different. Our Longview, Wake County-based firm is looking for people who are motivated and have a passion for trees, and are eager to make our community a better place. We encourage our employees to share their ideas and concerns as we prepare for the busy season. If you have any questions regarding pruning or removal of trees, please feel at ease to reach us at +1570-394-7474.

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From the arborist to the stump grinder

Are there trees that require pruning, stump removal or tree planting? Are you a homeowner who has an expansive yard that requires the greenest possible environment? We can assist you if have a large yard that must be kept in good shape. Call +1570-394-7474 to speak with the most knowledgeable tree care specialist in Longview, Wake County. It is possible to discuss the options and the costs associated with tree removal and care, in addition to how our tree care specialists will make sure your trees are happy and healthy!


Our name is enough to convey. Our tree-care services are top-of-the-line and will enable you to live a happier, healthier life. It is often difficult to find time to pursue what you like in a big city such as Longview, Wake County. We get it and that is why we offer services that enhance your life in such as to make you be coming back to come back for more. We offer a variety of services , including pruning, trimming, yard work, and lots more. Call us today to find more about our offerings and how we can assist you.

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The Tree Guy LLC is an owned and operated by a family of the The Tree Guy LLC funeral home in Longview, Wake County. Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality burial services as well as the highest level of service. We excel in providing traditional funeral services, as well as peaceful ceremonies and rest for the entire funeral. We can provide comfort for your family, whether you're organizing an open casket funeral or private burial.



Take care of your trees to enhance the appearance of Your House

Have you ever encountered the need to trim a tree in your yard that needed to be cut? It doesn't matter what small or large one; we can get some help in maintaining our trees' health and tidy. We all want the best when it comes to caring our trees. This site is dedicated to providing top-quality tree care services and advice to anyone who may need assistance. If you or someone you know requires tree maintenance, please contact me for more details about scheduling a time for an inspection for free.


There are many who lack the passion or ability to maintain their trees in good health. Trees will provide you with joy and beauty for many years, if you take good care of them. Make sure that your trees are taken care of and let them provide you with wonderful smells, sights, and sounds. They will be more likely to flourish and offer many years of pleasure.

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