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We specialize in all tree elimination regardless of size and conditions including tree fertilization, tree cutting, pruning, and stump removal. Our tree service provides value to our customers by offering them with fast and dependable tree elimination at rates they can manage while offering optimal tree health and vitality back into the neighborhood. Our tree trimming and pruning services are designed to assist you enjoy the appeal of your community trees while also enhancing your property value.

Founded in 2013, The Tree Guy LLC is a full-service tree care company supplying thorough tree removal, tree trimming, pruning and stump elimination for commercial and personal homes in south-eastern Ontario. We provide all services within a thirty minutes walk of your home or office; from visitor security to tree elimination and pruning, we make it easy for you to have best trees in your landscaped yard at a portion of the cost of other business.

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Tree Service for Queen Pines, Wake County

Emergency tree services can make a huge difference in your overall quality of life. All things tree-related are our expertise - power washing and pruning, trimming and so on. We've formed partnerships with a range of organizations across the area to offer these essential services. The Tree Guy LLC provides tree maintenance, pruning, and other services, to make your life easier and secure.

We'll get rid of your trees in correctly.

Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals with the knowledge and tools to take down trees efficiently and cost-effective manner that is feasible. Your debris will be picked up by us and will be sealed. Then, we will transport the debris to a secure location in which it is stored in dry-stoned bags until it is ready to be collected by a professional tree removalist. Equipment for protection such as headlamps, balaclavas and saws can be rented to use immediately in the in the event of an emergency all our workers are equipped with.

We take care to trim the trees

We offer tree trimming in Queen Pines, Wake County, North Carolina as well as neighboring locations. With a population higher than that of some small towns, Queen Pines, Wake County has plenty of companies to keep the hectic folk pleased and inhabited as they take benefit of the perfect setting for their outside interests.

Tree Removal Service In Queen Pines, Wake County, NC

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Our stump grinding and tree removal services can assist you in clearing of trees and other obstructions to construct setbacks to project perimeters, replant fallen trees to improve wildlife habitat, or remove dangerous trees from streets and highways. This service is perfect for homeowners in Metro Atlanta. We also conduct inspections on commercial properties to ensure compliance to fire and safety codes because we are located in Hunt County.


Ever wanted to work for a Tree? Imagine helping people take care of their trees through pruning, weeding and generally making your home safer. This is what sets us apart. Our Queen Pines, Wake County located company is looking for enthusiastic individuals who would like to share their passion for trees and contribute to making our community more livable. Our employees are asked to share their ideas and suggestions as we prepare for the busy season. If you have questions about tree removal or pruning , feel free to contact us via +1570-394-7474.

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Every year thousands of residential and commercial customers rely on our services to get rid of tree limbs, and clean up debris from driveways, patios, walksways and other areas important for their property's value. Through the years we've earned the reputation of providing expert tree care services and a thorough cleaning after work. Our experienced staff is equipped with the abilities and expertise to safely remove any hazardous materials, ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Our tree service experts are available to help you ensure that your home is re-usable this winter season.


Since 1995, we've been providing tree services to Queen Pines, Wake County. More than 20 years in business! We strive to improve and grow our company while providing excellent customer service and value. We offer all kinds of tree services , including tree trimming as well as tree removal, trimming and stump removal. We aim to adhere to the most stringent standards for safety and customer service. All of our employees are trained in modern security measures and are outfitted with safety gear.

Because every Tree is important.

If you look at the company behind The Tree Guy LLC You will notice that they offer tree care in Queen Pines, Wake County. Their mission is to provide customers with the best tree service in the state of NC and they have been doing that with experienced tree contractors since 1971. This is what makes them stand out from other companies: their commitment and concern for their clients is second to none.



Are you having problems managing your tree?

Have you ever wondered if your trees need to be trimmed? The trimming of trees can keep your trees in good shape and decrease the possibility of a foundation disaster. But where do you begin? What can you do to determine the time to trim your tree? There are many factors to consider, and all tree care experts are alike. It's difficult to choose which service is best for your tree. With this in mind this is my top six tips to help you decide whether your tree needs trimming.


Many people do not have the motivation or capability to keep their trees healthy. If you take the right care and maintenance your trees will provide you with joy and beauty for many years to in the future. Take care of your trees and let them provide you with a pleasant smell, sight, and sounds. The trees are more likely to flourish and offer many years of enjoyment.

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