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Whether you have a little building or a big plantation, we can assist you create a climate that is healthy and pleased. We have 9 years experience in tree elimination and fast tree replacement, and have actually taken our understanding of the industry to the next level by leading the market in tree health monitoring, identifying and treating tree illness, implementing tree fertilisation and water management systems, keeping track of security and air quality in our plantations.

Founded in 2013, Tree Guy NC is a full-service tree care business providing thorough tree elimination, tree cutting, pruning and stump removal for personal and business residential or commercial properties in south-eastern Ontario. We provide all services within a thirty minutes walk of your home or office; from visitor safety to tree removal and pruning, we make it simple for you to have perfect trees in your landscaped yard at a portion of the expense of other companies.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: Rely on It

If you have an emergency situation, our tree specialists can take away any dangerous branches or limbs from your property and relocate them safely. Our team is comprised of licensed professionals with years of experience working on tree removal. Here is a brief list of the most common inquiries we receive regarding tree services:

Tree Removal u0026 Tree Services

Being a tree remover is a full-time job. We are available every day during the week, including on holidays and weekends. Our tree service experts are experienced and work hard to make sure that you are free to enjoy your landscaping and your yard as you normally do. We have large vans that permit us to remove your tree quickly, and make sure that we have plenty of time to do the job efficiently. We are very proud of our long-standing customers and are confident that our tree-removal experts will remove all your unwanted trees swiftly.

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At Tree Guy NC we offer the most recent solutions and strategies for all those cutting needs. We specialize in all aspects of tree upkeep from street tree trimming to customized cutting of commercial wood. We offer a large selection of pruning Tools and proficiency to fulfill all of your tree care needs. Rhamkatte, Wake County, NC is home to some of the most experienced tree care specialists in the area. If you have a particular question about tree trimming in Rhamkatte, Wake County or require assistance selecting the best tree cutting business for your requirements, give us a call!

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Are you in search of reliable information about stump-grinding as well as emergency tree removal? You're in the right place. At Tree Guy NC we've been working in the field of trees since 1987. We've handled everything from simple tree removal to full tree reconstruction. Each step of our way, we're dedicated to staying abreast of the most recent trends in tree care to ensure we continue to provide high-quality services to our clients.


Our goal is straightforward. We aim to provide you with the finest quality tree service and tree removal service in Rhamkatte, Wake County. As a company we are committed to providing efficiencies to help you stay competitive in the market. Our tree removal services now comes with a commercial-grade tree removal service. This has enabled us to provide a more efficient and affordable service to our customers. Our extensive experience in tree care allows us to offer complete tree removal services. This includes trimming trees and pruning, as well as removing dirt and other debris, as well as tree removal branches, limb removal and branches and limbs removal.

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The Secure, Easy Way to Take care of Your Trees

Being a tree service expert means you will be working for someone who cares about the property they work on and is looking for the best service possible. We offer all aspects of tree care including tree removal, tree trimming, pruning, and stump removal. Your efforts are crucial to the comfort of our customers and we appreciate your help making our neighborhoods healthier. As a company founded on the values of hard work, dedication and respect, we are committed to providing our customers with information that is honest and will help them make an educated choice when deciding on a different company to take care of their tree needs.


Our company provides all kinds of tree services in Rhamkatte, Wake County. Our company provides expert tree surgeons as well as attractive services for all types of trees. The entire professional experience and service is available all under one roof. We ensure that each client receives the best possible service through our highly trained staff, which includes an arborist. We have worked on various occasions to organize drives, with prizes awarded to the top trees. We are extremely proud that we've taken part in such drives together with our customers.

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Tree Guy NC is a firm which provides tree services in Rhamkatte, Wake County. Their goal is to provide clients with the highest quality tree care services available in the state of NC and have been doing that with experienced tree specialists since 1971. This is what makes them stand out from other companies. Their dedication to and dedication to their customers is unparalleled.



Trees can add value to your home

Did you realize that trimming your trees will help keep them healthy? Trimming can help keep the trees in good health and decrease the possibility of a tree foundation catastrophe. Where should you begin? How can you tell when your tree requires trimming? There are many aspects to consider, and not all tree service professionals are the same. It can be difficult to decide which one is the most suitable for your specific tree. In this regard I've made a list of my top 6 suggestions for identifying if your tree is in need of trimming.


It can be difficult to take down a tree. Many people feel overwhelmed by the task and do nothing. Some feel a rush of appreciation after the tree is gone. However you feel, there are several important aspects to take into consideration before deciding where to have your tree removed. This article will provide five ways to make the removal process of an unattractive tree.

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