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If you're looking for a tree expert to assist with your landscaping needs in Rolling Hills, Wake County, The Tree Guy LLC-- We offer professional Tree Services in Rolling Hills, Wake County. Our tree professionals offer a range of services consisting of tree pruning, stump, and elimination elimination.

We supply professional tree services in Rolling Hills, Wake County to those who require a more comprehensive level of tree care service, including tree trimming, pruning, stump removal and leaf elimination. Our services consist of tree removal for medical or power reasons, tree cutting for visual appeal and for safety reasons, pruning of infected or non-standard branches to preserve program residential or commercial property value and evergreen tree removal for visual appeals.

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In a matter of minutes, your tree is gone , and the mess is cleaned up.

Tree removal is an important element of our community. Our tree service is inexpensive and delivers a level of service that is unmatched. We are constantly striving to innovate and remain a top tree service in The Tree Guy LLC each year. Our team of experts is composed by highly-trained experts who can safely remove any tree limbs or branches from your property swiftly and with particular care to security.

We will remove your trees in a proper way.

Every job can be completed with a smile. Tree removal can turn into a lucrative business if you hire the right people for it. A tree service that is professional will help you keep your home in tip-top shape and help reduce time and cost. The tree service experts are highly skilled and have many years of experience removing trees throughout the throughout the year. We work hard to offer thorough cleanup of the debris, precise tree removal and complete repairs.

We trim trees

Tree trimming is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy and in shape. Rolling Hills, Wake County, North Carolina visitors and locals can trust The Tree Guy LLC to masterfully get rid of branches from trees without triggering damage to the underlying soil. The results you see might surprise you. Rolling Hills, Wake County Tree Trimmer has actually been helping people and organizations in Rolling Hills, Wake County, North Carolina remove harmful and dangerous products from their shrub, plant, or tree so that its appeal and worth can continue to shine through for generations to come.

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The removal of trees and the grinding of stumps are well-known ways of working around construction sites. But it can be tricky to pinpoint exactly what you need to complete the job. Our experts are always watching the weather, read the newspaper, monitor social media (especially Twitter) and search public records to locate the potential dangers. Once you've identified the type of job you've got in mind, contact a Tree Rescue expert.


Have you ever wanted to work for trees? Imagine helping people care for their trees by pruning, weeding and making their home more secure. This is what makes us different. Our Rolling Hills, Wake County based company is looking for people who are motivated and want to share their passion for trees and contribute to making our community one of the best. When we are getting ready for the annual busy season we ask our employees if they have any ideas or queries about the tree services we offer. If you have any questions regarding pruning or tree removal, please feel free to contact us at +1570-394-7474.

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From arborist to stump grinder

A tree service professional will work for someone who cares about your property and can provide the best possible service. All aspects of tree care is provided by us including trimming, stump removal and removal of trees. We are grateful for your contribution to the well-being and health of our customers. We're a company founded on the foundation of determination, hard work and respect. We'll give honest information to our clients that allows them to make informed decisions about choosing other tree care firms.


The Tree Guy LLC offers a variety of tree services, including tree removal, tree pruning and fertilization of trees. We're committed to providing only the best quality of services and equipment for helping homeowners maintain and expand their trees. To help you remove undesirable or unhealthy trees from your property, our tree experts use high-tech equipment and highly-trained employees. Our tree fertilization experts employ advanced technology to help increase the growth of your trees and increase the vitality of your trees in order to improve the ecosystem around them. Contact us for more information today!

More than a tree service

The The Tree Guy LLC has been providing the Rolling Hills, Wake County region with reliable tree care and trimming services since. It was founded on the belief that trees are crucial to sustaining strong communities. Your trees are part of your community and add value to your property in the event that they are well-maintained and in good condition. This appreciation is evident in the company's ongoing accomplishments and the recognition of local governments, industry associations and colleagues.



Trees can add value to your home

Did you think that trimming your trees will help maintain their health? Pruning your trees can ensure your trees are healthy and can reduce the likelihood of a tree foundation catastrophe. How do you start? What can you tell when your tree is in need of trimming? There are numerous factors to take into consideration, and not all tree service professionals are the same. In fact, it can be difficult to determine which service will be best for your particular tree. In this regard Here are my top 6 tips to help you decide the need for trimming your tree.


Removal of a tree can be an emotional experience. Some people feel overwhelmed and feel defeated but others wind up doing nothing. There are those who are elated when they see the tree removed. However you feel regarding the decision to get rid of your tree, there are important points to remember. This article will demonstrate five ways to make the process of taking down the tree less stressful.

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