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We concentrate on all tree removal irrespective of size and conditions consisting of tree fertilization, tree trimming, pruning, and stump removal. Our tree service provides worth to our clients by offering them with trusted and fast tree elimination at rates they can afford while offering optimum tree health and vitality back into the community. Our tree cutting and pruning services are designed to help you take pleasure in the appeal of your area trees while also improving your property worth.

Whatever we do is done with the client in mind. Whether our tree-sitting service is delivering a tree trimmer to a house owner who has chosen that he no longer requires the old one, or preparing a large tree for screen in the waiting location of a local bank, our objective is always to supply you with the best service at an affordable rate. We have one objective in mind: to supply the very best tree care service offered in Summerwinds, Wake County.

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Our company provides trimming and maintenance of trees and provides a service for everyone in need, regardless of their age or where they live. As experienced tree service professionals, we have the knowledge and ability to make sure everyone has a great experience when they visit their local tree care facility. If you are looking for the services or assessment of a tree Contact us now!

Removing Trees in All Weather Conditions

Tree removal firms are experts in tree maintenance. We're among the few companies in the area which offers tree removal as well as tree trimming services. We'll be able to remove all growth on your trees within 24 hours. With so many people moving into our community it's never a better time to rid yourself of those branches that could make your home look unattractive. Our tree removal service is able to remove limbs from your tree without causing damage.

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We specialize in all aspects of tree maintenance from street tree cutting to customized cutting of business wood. If you have a particular concern about tree cutting in Summerwinds, Wake County or need help picking the finest tree cutting business for your needs, give us a call!

Tree Removal Service In Summerwinds, Wake County NC

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Our tree removal and stump grinding services can help you clear of trees and other obstructions to create setbacks for landscaping projects around your perimeter, replace fallen trees to improve wildlife habitat, and remove dangerous trees from streets and highways. This service is perfect for homeowners in the metro area of Atlanta. Commercial properties are also inspected to ensure compliance to fire and safety codes because we are located in Hunt County.


Our company was established in 2010 by local landscape architects. In 2009, we started maintaining and planting trees. Since the first time we planted the company has grown in a steady manner, allowing us to set up our own home office and transportable equipment to customer locations. We expanded our services to cover all land uses subject to the control of Summerwinds, Wake County in 2014, which included parks, streets, and cemeteries. Our goal is to ensure that your trees are with healthy, lush growth , ensuring their beauty for many more years.

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Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Fertilization

Are you in the middle of trees that need pruning, stump removal or planting? Are you a homeowner who has a large yard that requires the greenest possible environment? If yes, we can assist! For a chat with an expert on tree services in Summerwinds, Wake County call us at +1570-394-7474. It is possible to discuss the options and costs involved in tree removal and tree care in addition to the way our tree service professionals will make sure your trees are healthy and happy!


You are choosing an expert tree service to take care of your trees because you are concerned about their well-being and health. Although there are many businesses that offer tree care in your area However, only a few of companies have the knowledge, experience, and commitment required to manage your trees in the most effective method. Tree Guy NC Summerwinds, Wake County is pleased to ensure that every client gets the care and attention that they deserve.

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Tree Guy NC is an owned by a family of civil funeral homes in Summerwinds, Wake County. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of service as well as high-quality burial services. We're experts in offering traditional funeral services as well as tranquil ceremonies throughout the funeral process. We provide comfort for your family, whether you're organizing an open casket funeral or private burial.



How to keep Your Trees Healthy

Have you ever encountered the need to trim a tree in your yard that required trimming? Whatever size or big the tree it is all in our power to get some help keeping their health and tidy. When it comes to taking care of our trees, we'd like the very best. This is the reason I decided to create this website dedicated to offering top notch tree care solutions and advice to anyone who is in need. Contact me if you require tree care for yourself or for someone else you know.


Ever had a tree fall and create a mess? A group of North Carolina community activists is acting out of an appreciation for the environment as well as the hard work that goes into caring for trees. They are getting permits to provide pruning and maintenance on private property. You could be able avail a tree trimming services when you own a home with tree-friendly capabilities.

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