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We are a family owned and founded organization that has offered tree services in Timberlake, Wake County for over 25 years. As a result, our reputation for offering leading quality tree services has made us an acknowledged leader in the industry because 2003.

Founded in 2013, Tree Guy NC is a full-service tree care company supplying comprehensive tree removal, tree trimming, pruning and stump removal for personal and commercial homes in south-eastern Ontario. We offer all services within a thirty minutes walk of your office or home; from visitor safety to tree removal and pruning, we make it easy for you to have best trees in your landscaped yard at a portion of the cost of other business.

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We want to make sure our customers enjoy a positive well-secure, secure and safe tree care experience. This means helping them with trimming, pruning, and other maintenance tasks. We're here when you require assistance - whether you require a little help lifting your tree up off the ground or should you need to report any issue. If you're concerned regarding safety, it's imperative that we know what steps we can do to ensure your safety. Contact us now.

Tree Removal u0026 Tree Services

Being a tree remover is a full-time career. Even though there are weekends as well as holidays that fall on busy hours, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced tree service professionals work hard to make sure that you are free to enjoy your landscaping and your yard in the same way that you normally would. Our big trucks allow us to swiftly remove the tree and give ample time to complete the job correctly. We are extremely proud of our long-standing customers and can assure you that our tree removal experts are able to remove your unwanted trees fast.

Tree trimming in Timberlake, Wake County

At Tree Guy NC we provide a range of services to help you keep your trees. Timberlake, Wake County, North Carolina has a lot of little tree plantations that need help keeping them healthy. There is so much tree trimming in the area that it can be difficult to understand where to begin. That's where we come in. We offer trained and certified professionals together with a knowledge base of details on how to keep your trees healthy and looking great. Our objective is to make certain that everyone has an opportunity to learn more about these necessary pieces of our community as we continue to recover from this devastating natural catastrophe.

Tree Removal Service In Timberlake, Wake County, NC

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We offer a variety of tree removal and stump grinding services within Timberlake, Wake County, NC. We have helped homeowners maintain their property values over time and eliminate undesirable trees from their yards. Services include tree trimming, pruning, and stump removal. We specialize in removing dangerous and fallen trees from private property or city property within Timberlake, Wake County. If necessary, we'll also take trees off municipal property.


Our goal is straightforward. We are committed to providing you with the top quality tree services and tree removal services in Timberlake, Wake County. We strive to be efficient in order to remain at the top of your game as a business. Our tree removal service now comes with a commercial-grade tree service. This has enabled us to provide more efficient and affordable service to our clients. Based on our experience in the field of tree care, we can provide a full range of tree removal service that includes but not limited to: tree trimming, pruning and removing branches and branches, and removal of soil & debris.

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Tree Service and Removal Phoenix

If your tree does not have the perfect planting need or your treehouse is not up to our stringent standards, Pronto Off Road is there to assist you. We offer a full-service tree service specialist providing all aspects of tree removal, pruning, and stump removal. Our tree experts are experienced and have years of experience in tree removal and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure your trees are in good hands. Our tree experts have years of experience in removing big trees as well as low-branched branches and trees. This can help reduce maintenance costs and transport costs.


At Tree Guy NC we offer a variety of tree services , including pruning, tree removal and tree fertilization. We aim to provide the best tools and services for homeowners who want to maintain and grow their trees. To help you remove unwanted or unhealthy trees from your property, our tree professionals use high-tech equipment and highly-trained employees. Our tree fertilization experts use modern technology to boost plant growth and guarantee the longevity of your trees in order to improve the ecosystem surrounding them. Call us for more information!

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Home care is a growing business. As such, it is vital to make sure that your home is maintained by certified and licensed professionals. Every state has its own rules regarding the amount homeowners are allowed to spend on home maintenance. It is important to be familiar with the rules of the company you work for. To help you understand, here's an overview of the reasons why Tree Guy NC which is a tree-care company with its headquarters in Timberlake, Wake County is a fantastic option for your tree care requirements.



How to keep your trees Well-Needed

Have you ever wondered if your trees need trimming? Trimming can help keep the trees healthy and lower the likelihood of a foundation collapse. But where do you start? How do you know if your tree is in need of trimming? There are many factors to be considered and not all tree care professionals are alike. It can be difficult to figure out which service will be best for your specific tree. To help you decide Here are my top 6 suggestions to help you determine the need for trimming your tree.


Residents enjoy many advantages from taking care of trees. It is an integral aspect of our local community. There are some trees that could be a threat to your safety or health particularly if they're in poor health or are at risk of falling. If you are concerned about a tree that might fall or cause harm Contact us at +1570-394-7474 or come to one of our 3 locations.

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