Tree Services Near Wendell, Wake County

If you're looking for a tree expert to help with your landscaping needs in Wendell, Wake County, TreeGuyNC-- We offer professional Tree Services in Wendell, Wake County. Our tree specialists use a range of services including tree elimination, pruning, and stump elimination.

Founded in 2013, TreeGuyNC is a full-service tree care business offering thorough tree elimination, tree trimming, pruning and stump removal for private and commercial properties in south-eastern Ontario. We offer all services within a 30 minute walk of your office or home; from visitor safety to tree removal and pruning, we make it simple for you to have ideal trees in your landscaped backyard at a fraction of the expense of other companies.

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Our company provides tree trimming and services, providing a service to anyone in need regardless of their age or location. We are tree service specialists with the expertise and experience to ensure that everyone enjoys the visit to their local tree service provider. If you are seeking the services or assessment of a tree call us now!

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Being a tree service provider means being professional. To make room for new growth, we can take any kind of tree that is on your property. We use heavy equipment and special tools to cut, clean and trim huge branches in the most efficient way possible. All tree removals are performed using security equipment and thorough preparation for safety on site.

Your Yard is Full of Shrubs and loose branches

At TreeGuyNC we offer the most recent solutions and strategies for all those cutting requirements. We concentrate on all elements of tree maintenance from street tree trimming to customized cutting of business hardwood. We provide a wide selection of pruning Tools and proficiency to fulfill all of your tree care needs. Wendell, Wake County, NC is home to a few of the most knowledgeable tree care experts in the area. Give us a call if you have a specific concern about tree trimming in Wendell, Wake County or need assistance selecting the finest tree trimming company for your requirements!

Tree Stump Removal In Wendell, Wake County, North Carolina

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A tree can make the yard of a homeowner look boring. TreeGuyNC Tree Experts will help you get rid of unwanted trees. Professional tree removal and stump grinding is offered in Wendell, Wake County. TreeGuyNC can help you get rid of all the trees that are flourishing within your vicinity. We'll not just prune and trim realistic looking trees for you, but we'll deal with dangerous ones that could pose a risk to your safety.


We are an integral of the communities we serve. We're dedicated to providing top-quality customer service as well as keeping your trees healthy with our tree service providers. We strive to be the most trusted expert in tree care in the Triad Region. Our staff is equipped with the experience and knowledge to take charge of any tree regardless of how old or young. Our company provides a range of tree trimming services, including as well as tree removal inspections, and much other. We're committed to offering efficient, courteous services that follow the safety standards set forth by the N.C. Department of Environment & Natural Resources.

Tree Removal & Tree Service

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From arborists to stump grinders

Our services are used by thousands of customers including commercial and residential, to remove tree limbs and clear debris from their driveways, patios and walkways. We have built a reputation through the years of providing expert tree care and thorough cleaning. Our staff of professionals is equipped with the skills and knowledge to safely remove any hazardous tree, safeguarding both you and your family members. In this challenging winter time, our tree service specialists are ready to ensure that your property is accessible in the shortest time possible by offering


At TreeGuyNC we provide a wide range of tree services including pruning, tree removal and tree fertilization. We strive to provide the most efficient tools and services for homeowners looking to maintain and improve the health of their trees. In order to help you eliminate unwanted or unhealthy trees from your property, our tree specialists use high-tech equipment and highly-trained employees. Our tree fertilization specialists utilize modern technology to boost the growth of your trees and enhance the quality of your environment. For more details, contact us today!

Because every Tree is Important

Since 1981 Since 1981, since 1981, the TreeGuyNC has provided reliable tree services and tree trimming services for the Wendell, Wake County community. The foundation was based by the conviction that trees are crucial to sustaining strong communities. If your trees are well-maintained and cared for, you view them as a part of your community and an benefit to your home. This appreciation is evident in the continual growth of the company and the recognition it receives from local governments as well as industry associations and other peers.



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You want to feel as you are able to trust that someone is looking after your property and looking after it. This aspect of maintaining your yard is handled by various services. To reduce time and costs take a look at these services...


It is possible to plant a tree. It's a great way to do small acts of kindness to the planet and to express gratitude for the blessings you enjoy. When you think of the benefits of trees It's not just the aesthetics, it's also important to take into consideration the health benefits from being surrounded by green trees. The trees protect our home from snow and protects us from pests as well as other invaders. It supplies nutrients to plants that grow within its branches and helps control the weather patterns.

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