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Whether you have a big plantation or a small building, we can assist you develop a climate that is happy and healthy. We have 9 years experience in tree removal and quick tree replacement, and have taken our knowledge of the market to the next level by leading the market in tree health monitoring, diagnosing and treating tree illness, implementing tree fertilisation and water management systems, monitoring security and air quality in our plantations.

We offer tree trimming and tree-removal services to both condominium and townhouse neighborhoods in Wimbledon, Wake County. We can make sure that your property's appearance is motivated by just nature and that all of the surrounding trees and plants get the attention they need to thrive.

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The tree will be gone in just a couple of minutes and the debris behind it will be gone.

Tree oil is often sprayed throughout the night and the morning to improve the air quality and safeguard trees. We offer a variety of equipment and products to take care of large areas. This includes driveways as well as residential streets. When you come across us, whether in the course of your cleaning shift or on an appointment, you can rest sure that we are concerned about the quality of our skies and we take our responsibility seriously.

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Tree removal services can become quite expensive, especially if you have many trees to remove. We can assist you in getting rid of smaller trees that block traffic along your local roads. We can remove the largest and most costly trees on your property by using our unique equipment and skilled crews. We're the best.

We Trim Trees

Tree cutting is an important part of keeping your trees healthy and in shape. Wimbledon, Wake County, North Carolina visitors and residents can rely on TreeGuyNC to masterfully eliminate branches from trees without triggering damage to the underlying soil. The results you see might surprise you. Wimbledon, Wake County Tree Trimmer has actually been assisting people and services in Wimbledon, Wake County, North Carolina remove harmful and hazardous products from their tree, shrub, or plant so that its appeal and value can continue to shine through for generations to come.

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Are you searching for trustworthy information about stump grinding and emergency tree removal? Then you've come to the right spot. At TreeGuyNC we've been involved in the business of tree care since 1987. We've had experience in every aspect from tree removal, to reconstruction of trees. We are committed to providing superior service to our clients all the procedure.


TreeGuyNC is a full-service tree-service company covering the entire Wimbledon, Wake County area. Our company has been locally-owned and operated since 1996. We provide residential tree trimming, removal as well as tree care and many other services to homeowners. We're experts at the removal of trees from your home in order to keep your property clean and green surroundings. Our company is dedicated to becoming a pioneer in the field of tree care by providing innovative products and services that are a source of support to our communities. We can assist with any tree removal project.

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Tree Removal, Trimming, and Fertilization

Why choose us? Simply stated, we focus on aesthetics. We deliver state-of-the-art tree trimming and pruning services that utilize the latest equipment and techniques. We are committed to providing an enjoyable experience for all parties involved: client, tree service provider, and municipal officials. We aim to meet or exceed your expectations by giving individualized attention to each project; we consider your requirements and unique design style. We offer tree trimming and other services.


Our name is a perfect description of our company. Our tree services are top of the line and will help you lead a more fulfilling, healthy life. In a busy city such as Wimbledon, Wake County, it can be difficult to make time for what you truly enjoy. We get it and that is why we provide services that enhance your life in the way that you'll be coming back to us for more. Our services include pruning, tree trimming and much more. Call us today to find more about our services and how we can be of assistance.

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Home care is a rapidly expanding business. It is crucial to ensure that homes are maintained by licensed and certified experts. Because every state has its own rules about how much homeowners can spend on their home's care, it's crucial to know the various requirements that apply to the numerous companies you could select to work with. Here are some reasons why TreeGuyNC which is an Wimbledon, Wake County-based tree service business, is a great option to fulfill the needs of your tree.



Be sure to take care of your trees to improve the appearance of your home

Did you realize that trimming your trees can keep them healthy? Trimming can help keep the trees in good shape and lessen the likelihood of a foundation-related disaster. But where do you begin? How can you determine when your tree requires trimming? There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and not all tree-care experts are alike. It can be hard to choose which service is the best one for your tree. With that in mind, here are my top six tips to help you determine if your tree requires trimming.


Our trees are an essential element of the community, and offers many benefits to residents. There are some trees that might pose a risk to your health or safety in particular if they are in poor health or are at risk of falling. Contact +1570-394-7474 if you are concerned about trees that may fall or pose a danger to your safety.

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